AgroSpheres Announces Novel Modalities Partnership with Bayer

June 7, 2022

AgroSpheres’ AgriCell technology will help deliver the next generation of high-performing, environmentally safe crop protection.

CHARLOTTESVILLE, VA — June 7, 2022 – AgroSpheres, INC., a leader in developing the next generation of environmentally friendly crop protection products, today announced a multi-year collaboration with Bayer to create novel modalities of biologicals for use as crop protection products.

“Teaming up with a leading global partner like Bayer helps us execute a mission we are both passionate about – transforming agriculture with better and more sustainable products for growers,” said Ameer Shakeel, Founder and CTO of AgroSpheres. “This collaboration also brings us one step closer to establishing AgroSpheres as a next-generation biosciences company.”

AgroSpheres’ patented AgriCell manufacturing technology enables the production of encapsulated biomolecules with enhanced stability, field persistence and targeted delivery.

“AgroSpheres’ novel AgriCell systems are innovative technologies that will help us to explore new sustainable crop protection products,” said Rachel Rama, Head of Small Molecules for Bayer. “AgroSpheres’ cutting-edge scientific team will help us as we continue to improve innovative product offerings for our grower customers.”

Biomolecules such as peptides and nucleic acids have demonstrated great promise in the lab but have generally struggled to yield consistent results for commercial biological development. The AgriCell technology fills the missing link in delivering reliable field performance and opening new markets for high-performance biopesticides. Used with novel modalities, AgriCell technology will help deliver biopesticides that:

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About AgroSpheres
AgroSpheres envisions a future built by nature’s technologies. Located in Charlottesville, VA, the company’s mission is to transform agriculture through reliable and affordable biobased solutions. AgroSpheres’ patented AgriCell and AgriShell technologies enable the development of biological pesticides that are cost-effective, shelf-stable and consistent in the field. Its RNA interference (RNAi) bioprocess works by silencing vital genes of a target pest/pathogen, preventing off-target damage to non-harmful insects like bees, helping to promote biodiversity. For more information, visit

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