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We're transforming agriculture through reliable and affordable bio-based solutions.

We create targeted, non-toxic pest control that is safe for humans and the environment.

How It Works

Delivery of Active in vivo
With AgroSpheres
Without AgroSpheres

RNA, like DNA, is a nucleic acid present in all cells. RNA interference, or RNAi, allows us to target and “turn off” specific genes in specific pests.

Plant extracts are a natural and effective way of both promoting crop health and preventing disease.

Tomato Plant Leaf


Biodegradable Encapsulation

A novel, biodegradable encapsulation technology that enhances actives and restores nutrients for plant health.

The AgroSpheres encapsulation allows for natural added stability and a tunable release profile in our products that isn't found with our competitors.

Manufacturing the AgroSpheres involves a 1-step fermentation process that produces and encapsulates all-in-one, cutting down on further processes.

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What's New

Nov 2, 2021
AgroSpheres Receives Competitive Grant From Virginia Catalyst

The Virginia Catalyst awards $2.1 million in grants to fund collaborative bioscience research.

Dec 1, 2020
Forbes 30 Under 30 Recognition

AgroSpheres was selected to the Manufacturing & Industry Category of the Forbes 30 Under 30 2021 List.

Jun 18, 2020
Journeys of Innovation: AgroSpheres Origin of Innovation

Learn how Charlottesville, Virginia based AgroSpheres is aiming to change modern agriculture with its paradigm-shifting technologies.

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