We began as a few science geeks working on a cool summer research project and now have a vision to revolutionize the agriculture industry. Our mission is to develop non-toxic, environmentally friendly solutions that can provide our hardworking farmers the tools they need to maximize their profits and minimize their costs.

1. Our first goal is to develop a spray that can degrade the Organophosphate class of pesticides, which constitutes 36% of pesticide usage. We have finished conducting field trials at Early Mountain Vineyard. You can see photos from our first field trial in the slideshow below. Contact us to see how the trials went!

2. Our second project was optimizing our organophosphate degrading product at Veritas Winery. Check out some cool pics here! We even had a visitor!

3. Our third project was running a field trial at the Saunders Brothers Farm to test the efficacy of our product on apples!