Platform Delivery Technology

AgroSpheres Inc develops novel nanotechnologies for the bio-based delivery of agrochemicals and biomolecules. AgroSpheres has invented a non-GMO, scalable delivery platform for synthetic and biological crop protectants. The non-GMO bioparticle has high payload encapsulation, versatile controlled release, and plant binding capabilities. This enables the targeted delivery of active ingredients essential for plant health and protection.

Bioparticle production

Bioparticle Production

AgroSpheres delivery bioparticles are a product of microbial fermentation. The bioparticles are 400nm in diameter and spherical in morphology as depicted in the SEM image. These bioparticles have been successfully tested for shelf life and environmental stability.

Post Purification Purity

High density and purity is obtained after purification as depicted in the SEM Image. Relying on microbial fermentation allows our technology to be scaled in a cost-effective way.

Post Purification Image

Fermentation Process


AgroSpheres technology allows for the 1 step synthesis and encapsulation (or surface expression) of biomolecule actives: resulting in an endogenously expressed and loaded delivery vehicle as depicted by the graphics beside. Competitive advantage is attributed to a single fermentation process resulting in the final product. The bioparticle retains surface expressed plant binding proteins that enable its targeting and binding.